MIH Allgäu Kuh MIH Labor für Käse Und Milchprodukte

Welcome in the Milk & Dairy Institute Dr. Hüfner (laboratory Dr. Hüfner GmbH)
in the laboratory for microbiological and chemical analyzes of dairy products

The dairy Institute Dr. Huefner (MIH) was founded in 2004. The MIH team has many years of practical and academic experience.
Qualified laboratory analysis of milk and dairy products, advice and the preparation of expert in technological / microbiological issues therefore represent a central activity focus.
Furthermore, the dairy Institute Dr.Hüfner as a manufacturer and distributor of "cell count standards" for raw milk and reference laboratories in Europe is of central importance.

We are constantly trying to improve and would be pleased if you participate in our customer survey. 10 Jahre Milchwirtschaftliches Institut Dr. Huefner
Head of Institute:
Dr.Josef Hüfner, Dipl.Ing.Agr. (dairy sciences)
approved expert for control tests

1 M.sc.agr 1 M.sc.Biotechnology
1 MTA and 1 PTA
12 dairy Laboratory technicians
1 technician
3 laboratory assistants
1 B.Sc. Biotechnology
1 B.Eng
1 Dipl.Ing.(FH) Food Hygiene
1 dairy master